We Produce Events

We work with local businesses to produce festivals, athletic events, galas and other community events. We promote the events and fill volunteer positions. The volunteers all come from other local non-profit organizations. We pay these organizations an hourly wage for each hour their volunteers serve at our events.

We Raise Money

We collect money through ticket sales, registrations, sponsorships, grants and donations. We use the money to cover event costs and pay the hourly volunteer wage to the organizations. Excess income is placed into a General Fund account. Money from the fund will be used to purchase running gear for children in our community.

We Give Back

We search for children’s charities in the Madison area that are smaller and usually underfunded. We meet with them to verify the number of volunteers they can provide. If one organization can provide all of the volunteers, they become the sole charity of our event, otherwise we work with more than one charity for the event.